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At FreeFlow we take seriously our duties to the world in which we live and work. Alone or in partnerships, we are engaged in a variety of initiatives to improve the lives of many deprived communities.

Building African Schools – Putting Education Within Everyone’s Reach

On visiting Kenya in 2010, retired technology executive Patrick O’Sullivan was stunned to learn that a Maasai village needed three years to build a primary school.

Looking to transform helplessness to hope, Patrick showed the determination to unite corporations and individuals. By privately funding the building of primary schools, he found education could be expanded to new communities, and accessible to boys and girls alike.

From this bold vision, Build African Schools was founded.

FreeFlow is proud to partner Build African Schools. Recognizing the role that enterprises must play as responsible agents of social change, we are delighted to have helped fund the completion of a primary school, with five classrooms and solar-powered electricity, in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

Once the school is built it will be donated to the tribal community, with the Kenyan government formally joining the partnership. The government will provide teachers for each school, with the community contributing to ongoing maintenance of facilities.

With 200 youngsters scheduled for the first intake, students used to walking many miles to schools in distant villages will now be able to attend classes within their own close-knit community.

"When Patrick approached me with the mission of Build African Schools, I knew that FreeFlow could make an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of children," said Alan Scroope, FreeFlow’s Founder and CEO. "I am proud to be a part of such a worthy, instrumental organization, and I’d love nothing more than for other companies to join with FreeFlow to help build schools and open up greater educational opportunities for the children in Africa."

Patrick noted that not only did FreeFlow provide the resources for his organization to build the school, but the company also brought on board other corporations mindful of the great need in Africa. By donating their support, they too can make an enduring mark.

"When non-profits join with corporations, the impact on local communities, nations and the world can be incredible," said Patrick. "Our partnership with FreeFlow and others like FreeFlow is the beginning of a road to better education, access to knowledge, and an improved livelihood."

About Build African Schools

Build African Schools is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to education and its opportunities and choices for children in the villages of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

For more information, please visit

Charitable Donations

In-kind donations are growing in popularity as a way for companies to positively redeploy surplus inventory and contribute to charitable organizations and objectives.

FreeFlow is pleased to partner many such organizations to help convert donations to cash. Watch this space for partnerships coming on line, or contact us to help you help others.


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