A Unique Combination Of Systems And Service To Maximise Your Profits

When you become a FreeFlow customer we provide you with access to a wealth of systems and services that you won’t find anywhere else.

The heart of our offering is our unique online private marketplace – a secure, managed environment in which selected buyers can bid on your stock. You have complete control over the market, the pricing and the timing.

All of which helps you to see the fastest result without compromising your brand integrity, pricing strategy or existing channel relationships.

We serve as a single point of contact between you and an international network of registered buyers, who you can sell to under your own brand or through our anonymous marketplace.

At all times, you have complete control of who will have access to your sales, your pricing strategy, and exactly when you bring your inventory to market, and full transparency of the auction process at every stage.

Supporting that, you have access to the skills, knowledge and experience of our team, who will help develop a custom go-to-market strategy for your business and provide insight into every area of the market.


    FreeFlow’s integrated performance metrics and sales analytics with global rollup of regional activity give you complete control of your surplus inventory

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