A More Competitive Market at the Touch Of A Button

Are you calling your usual wholesale buyers at the end of the quarter asking them to buy up your excess or consumer channel returned stock? Or maybe you’re frantically sending emails with heavily discounted offers to your wholesale liquidators who are all too happy to take them off you for next to nothing.

If you often find yourself in the position of being under pressure to sell excess stock or consumer channel returns at the end of the quarter, it might be time for a strategy rethink. Buyers rely on you needing to dispose of your stock quickly, and may take advantage of this by offering lower than their current market value when you could be making between 50-80%, or even more, of the original value of no-fault-found stock, allowing you to recoup significant costs from returned goods.

Having to sell under tight deadlines means you, the seller, are at a disadvantage, unable to create real market conditions, with competition at short notice when you need it. With the prospect of building and maintaining a fully functional reselling platform out of reach of most companies, it would seem there are few options for those who wish to retain control of the channels they are selling into, to whom the stock will be sold, and at what price.

However, intelligent management and organization of excess stock means it need not be a loss. By using FreeFlow, you will be inviting your current buyers to join in a competitive online auction approach in order to continue to have access to the products you want to sell through wholesale channels. Your legacy buyers will be required to bid fairly alongside many other potential buyers, and rather than sending emails back and fourth to entice purchasers, you simply enter the information once online and can have your auction running the very same day, where it will be seen by as many, or as few, as you like.

Your legacy buyers will almost certainly try to convince you to continue selling directly to them for sub-market prices, alongside FreeFlow. However, this is counter-productive for all parties. Bringing them to FreeFlow with you will create an impartial marketplace in which to sell your goods and get a competitive price for them instantly. You get to choose who sees your products and when – we create marketplaces for you, and you decide if you wish to sell at fixed prices, through auctions in inventory lots or as individual product lines. With a tiered buying system, you can prioritize your legacy buyers before opening up the auction to a wider audience. This keeps your legacy buyers happy as they remain the priority, but allows for fairer pricing, a wider audience, improved selling prices for you, and more choice for them. Everybody wins.

As well as making more money on your asset recovery, using FreeFlow means you will no longer have to pay for shipping costs a second time. Our system requires buyers to pay for freight, and we take care of coordinating the pick up for you.

You may also be concerned that you will have to create a new profile for each new buyer in order to process orders, which would be laborious and time-consuming. However, with FreeFlow there is one single master set up. Once this is done, all buyer relationships are managed for you, meaning no hassle, quicker transactions, and money back in your pocket sooner.

Why wouldn’t you wish to open up a wide new marketplace? One where you can get a fairer deal for your excess stock, set your own prices and stipulate the terms and conditions you wish to enforce on your wholesale buying community. To learn more, simply contact us at


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