Developing a Winning Go-To-Market Strategy

In order to maximize your margins, you need to be clear on what you’re selling and back that information up with consistent operational performance.

When selling through a private marketplace platform, your ability to differentiate between stock rotation, channel returns and consumer returns will be a defining factor in helping you to grow a loyal following of competitive bidders.

For example, product coming back from the channel under explicit stock rotation terms, such as unopened, unlabeled cartons, should be re-sold as new, and you’ll need to ensure that your returns operation allows you to quickly transfer that inventory back into outbound distribution.

But what about everything else you intend to sell, such as single stock-keeping units (SKUs) or bundles, and in what quantities? Other questions include how you store your returns, how many global inventory locations you have and what are your corporate inventory policies?

This is where alternative channels provider FreeFlow can be of most use, carefully helping you to consider all of those aspects before defining an appropriate go-to-market strategy.

It bears repeating that information is crucial. Accurate counts and descriptions that consistently meet your buyers’ expectations are the key to having them bid for more on your next auction.

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