Make the Shift Towards Proactive Inventory Management

Although nobody likes to deal with excess stock and consumer returns, stock managers know there will always be a percentage of products that won’t be sold through traditional channels. Ideally, they have an inventory plan and a strategic partner specifically focused on ensuring the best price for this stock is attained with strict channel controls being applied. A shift towards proactive, continuous inventory deposition is far more economical.

A clear strategy for the end-to-end life cycle of each product before it launches means that excess, refurbished, obsolete or returns inventory is not left to languish on the warehouse floor awaiting liquidation. However, it can be difficult to find a reliable partner that provides guidance and has the necessary experience to ensure that all remarketing is managed with strict discipline, using best-in-class methods to secure the highest possible recoveries without impacting existing channels or damaging the brand. Since so few organizations are specially equipped or staffed for this job, what is the best option?

Here at FreeFlow, we can provide you with a viable, instant marketplace on which to place your stock that can achieve a price of 50-80% of the original value without alienating your current distribution partners or impacting your current channel strategy. Simple and intuitive, FreeFlow allows you to scale your remarketing efforts without being burdened with an administration nightmare. We categorize and market your products professionally on a branded or unbranded page, giving you the option to prioritize your current distribution partners. You decide whom you wish to sell to, when, and even how. Buyers are split into two tier groups, outlined below.

Tier 1: Often comprised of your current distribution partners, members can be added and removed at will. The tier 1 group will have priority, as auctions can be opened to them using a secure authorized login before the tier 2 group. You choose the members, the nature of the sale (auction, fixed price or best offer), then set the prices and duration of the sale.

Tier 2: This group is the remainder of the worldwide members - an expansive, competitive, global marketplace in which buyers contend to give you the best possible price for your merchandise. Tier 1 buyers are still free to bid in this arena, but there is more competition between buyers at this stage.

FreeFlow manages all aspects of the business for you, including secure buyer registration, site merchandising, warehouse coordination and financial settlement. We will even market and highlight your products with email notifications of auctions until a sale closes. Yet, you are in total control of every stage of the remarketing process. You can access the auction 24/7 and analyze the Key Performance Indicators, as we offer a suite of performance metric and sales analytics tools – locally, regionally and globally.

This way, you can continuously get the very best price for all your excess stock with the minimum of effort and time spent. Instant competitive marketplaces and a range of buyers will leave you with more choice, and more money at the end of the quarter. That’s why Microsoft uses us, and that’s why you should too.

“With FreeFlow’s capabilities, we have been able to actively promote any excess stock through our existing channels and only when we have exhausted internal demand, we auction the excess to a closed community of external buyers, all facilitated by FreeFlow.” – David Warrick, Microsoft

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