Choosing The Right Partner

Learning how to be competitive and drive top results in the global secondary market may require more bandwidth than you can spare. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right partner.

To maximise your efforts in generating profits from selling at-risk inventory, it’s vital you find a partner that can manage the day-to-day effort for you while allowing you to retain control over the critical decisions.

Reasons why adopting a partner is the best strategy towards the successful selling of secondary product include being able to:

  • Leverage their application technology rather than build your own
  • Tap into their buyer base without having to grow your own
  • Contemplate strategic actions driven by your partner’s own metrics and reports

By utilising a partner, you can reap short-term cash improvements AND build long-term programs that deliver consistent asset recovery performance, thereby allowing your Chief Financial Officer to confidently reduce inventory reserves that directly impact the bottom line.

When looking for a partner, be sure to do your homework by studying their supply chain proficiency and scrutinizing their management team. A partner that is going to help you develop a lifecycle asset management strategy should possess deep expertise and have a solid reputation.

Whether you’re selling low-value, high-volume products (e.g. compact flash memory) or high-value, low-volume products (servers), your partner should also operate flexible selling methodologies.

Crucial will be finding an associate whose platform is easy to adopt. The application used to manage your asset remarketing process should be customizable and map easily to the workflow established by your sales, finance and supply chain teams, and the software employed should not only be hosted as a service (so you don’t have to engage your own IT department), but should be scalable enough to accommodate your global organization at no extra cost to you.

Robust management reporting and actionable metrics are another important factor. Your effort should be spent in strategic process improvement, so make sure your technology partner can provide actionable, relevant and comprehensive performance metrics to guide the way.

Finally, make sure your partner has the global presence to not only know your regional markets but also be able to execute within them. Products deliver the highest returns when sold in the same region where they’re stored. If the inventory is in China, sell it in China or if it’s in the US, sell it in the US – unless for channel purposes you want to export.

At-Risk Inventory expert FreeFlow has improved recovery for many top consumer electronics brands by 20% in the first year and has worked with companies including Logitech, Microsoft and SanDisk to improve financial predictability and maximize recovery at all stages of the product lifecycle.

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