FreeFlow launches buyer portal to add value to surplus consumer electronics

San Jose, California (PRWeb), 4 April, 2011 - FreeFlow, the world’s leading provider of alternative channel solutions for surplus consumer electronics, today announced the release of its new buyer portal at

The aim of this portal is to increase the visibility of available surpluses and to streamline the purchasing process for global wholesale electronics buyers. This gateway for buyers complements the company’s award-winning technology and services for sellers, including market research and pricing advisory, site merchandising, demand generation and buyer registration, customer support, logistics support and financial settlement.

Once buyers register with the portal, they gain instant access to FreeFlow’s 30-plus branded marketplaces, listing manufacturers’ surplus stock. Filtered browsing allows buyers to select by brand, global region, category or budget. And with thumbnails of all products across all seller marketplaces showcased, access for buyers is only ever a single-click away.

“Today’s secondary marketplace buyers are running multi-million dollar businesses in online retail and they’re seeking the best consumer electronics brands. We have the right brands at the right price point, but we needed to make it easy for buyers to search, browse and purchase across multiple marketplaces,” observed Alan Scroope, FreeFlow CEO. “At the end of the day, helping buyers actually benefits our sellers, and that’s who we work for.”

Making all the difference to surplus recovery value

What’s different about FreeFlow is that sellers retain their ability to partition the buying community to maintain channel control. For example, a seller may restrict product to be sold only in North America, or not to be sold in North America. Or they may provide a “do not sell to” list of companies with those companies screened in the registration process.

“Today’s release is in response to buying trends we’ve observed over the past year, that is, buyers registering on more than one and in some cases all of our branded marketplaces,” Scroope elaborated. “We needed to make bidding on FreeFlow auctions a highly productive and efficient experience for this class of global buyer. This release achieves that objective while extending the market reach of our sellers.”

FreeFlow is a proven partner for consumer electronics companies, building secure alternative channels for selling surpluses. The company’s branded and anonymous private marketplaces allow stock to be sold at auction, fixed price, or minimum price. Auction and member privilege dynamics improve bidding performance for increased value gains.

With market and pricing analysis, integrated performance metrics and end-to-end business support services, FreeFlow provides low cost, secure, high recovery solutions for consumer electrical surpluses at every stage of the product lifecycle.


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