Former Kodak, Nokia Executive to Lead Sales for FreeFlow. Robert Pignataro Appointed to Global EVP of Sales Role.

In his 20-year career Pignataro has generated new revenue across various distribution channels in consumer electronics, wireless, and imaging industries. Most recently at Kodak, he was responsible for identifying new retail growth initiatives for their largest customer globally, with over 7,400 stores. At Nokia he expanded retail and online distribution for open devices and mobile accessories. Pignataro has successfully built and led sales teams to deliver in excess of $100M in annual sales revenue for both companies.

Alan Scroope, CEO, FreeFlow commented: “The depth of experience Robert brings in both consumer electronics and wireless will be respected by FreeFlow’s customers and prospects who will appreciate that he has walked a mile in their shoes. We couldn’t have found a better fit in our quest to make FreeFlow the go-to marketplace solution for surplus and returned consumer electronics and wireless products.”

"Adding this calibre of sales leadership to the deep executive team skill set already in place will position FreeFlow to solidify their leading position in hosted private marketplace technology for consumer electronics and wireless manufacturers," commented Anne Perlman, Executive Director, Mooreland Partners. "Helping companies cover the last mile in product lifecycle profitability addresses a growing need and a segment we're watching with interest."

FreeFlow is a recognized partner of leading wireless and consumer electronics companies, building secure alternative channels for selling inventory surpluses and returned merchandise. The company’s branded and anonymous private marketplaces allow stock to be sold at auction, fixed price, or minimum price. Auction and member privilege dynamics improve bidding performance for increased value.

With market research and pricing analysis, integrated performance metrics and end-to-end business support services, FreeFlow provides low cost, secure, high recovery solutions for consumer electrical surpluses at every stage of the product lifecycle.

About FreeFlow

FreeFlow has proven to be a successful partner by addressing its clients’ needs to build secure alternative channels for surplus inventory. Slow-moving, aging or end-of-life finished goods as well as consumer returns sold as-is, or refurbished, represents a multi-million dollar market for FreeFlow’s Global 2000 customers.


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