FreeFlow Hosts Global Learning Exchange - University of Wisconsin Supply Chain Management Students Visit Company’s HQ in Ireland

The visit is detailed in the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management Update - Spring 2012 edition:

"One of the benefits to Grainger Center students is the relationship the Center fosters with a variety of companies. Spring break provided the unique opportunity for Center Students to take advantage of a trip to the Emerald Isle of Ireland, made possible by FreeFlow, one of the Center’s executive advisory board companies."

FreeFlow has been an active supporter of Grainger Center programs, with company president John Kenny serving on the Executive Advisory Board for 17 years. “Exposing these students to the skills and opportunities for entrepreneurial endeavors in the supply chain industry is enlightening and motivating at this stage of their professional careers,” remarked Kenny upon his return to the US. “FreeFlow is proud to be included in the global learning exchange of one of the leading supply chain management programs in the world.” “Core to the Grainger Center value proposition is a close community where our students are connected – directly and personally – with an extensive network of industry executives, alumni, corporate partners, and faculty,” commented Grainger Center Executive Director Jack Nevin. “The learning exchange with FreeFlow brings a unique dimension of supply chain strategy to our students and was a highlight of this year’s program.”

FreeFlow is a recognized partner of leading wireless and consumer electronics companies, building secure alternative channels for selling inventory surpluses and returned merchandise. The company’s branded and anonymous private marketplaces allow stock to be sold at auction, fixed price, or minimum price. Auction and member privilege dynamics improve bidding performance for increased value.

With market research and pricing analysis, integrated performance metrics and end-to-end business support services, FreeFlow provides low cost, secure, high recovery solutions for consumer electrical surpluses at every stage of the product lifecycle.

About FreeFlow

FreeFlow has proven to be a successful partner by addressing its clients’ needs to build secure alternative channels for surplus inventory. Slow-moving, aging or end-of-life finished goods as well as consumer returns sold as-is, or refurbished, represents a multi-million dollar market for FreeFlow’s Global 2000 customers.

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The Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management at the Wisconsin School of Business was established in August 1991, with a generous gift from The Grainger Foundation of Lake Forest, Illinois. The gift was made to recognize the increasing importance of supply chain management and business’ growing need for talent with advanced education in this field. It is one of the only endowed, center-based supply chain programs in the United States.


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