FreeFlow President receives 'Shape The Future' Award

President and partner of FreeFlow, John Kenny, has been recognised by the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) for his services as Chair of the Granger Center Executive Advisory Board, and become a recipient of the School’s 2012 Shape the Future Volunteer Award.

Established in 1991, the WSB’s Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management is the only fully endowed university-based program in the US to specialise in supply chain management. Its MBA program, designed to give professionals the knowledge and tools to succeed in their chosen field, offers tangible success to its students. Since its formation, the Grainger Center has graduated over 170 students that have gone on to become business leaders across the industry.

Without question, the success of the Grainger Center is due to the tremendous support of alumni and industry partners who generously provide their time and resources to the Center’s staff and students. As chair of the executive advisory board since its inception, John Kenny has personally driven industry-academic interaction, and therefore helped to place numerous Grainger Center students in internships and full-time positions while conducting executive seminars. John’s commitment further extends beyond the walls of the Grainger Center to the broader school, where he has made an equally significant contribution. The Shape the Future award therefore recognises John’s efforts and expertise in helping to create transformational experiences for Wisconsin School of Business students.

John currently serves as president and partner of FreeFlow, an award-winning provider of inventory asset management technology and services which provides low-cost, secure, high-recovery solutions for the consumer electronics and wireless industries.

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