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Efficient and expert in excess inventory management; FreeFlow can help you streamline your remarketing efforts and profit from your retail, returned, obsolete or current excess stock.

We deliver real return on inventory by allowing you to remarket your inventory to different tiers of buyers ensuring you satisfy your channel partners, preserve channel and brand integrity. When necessary we provide access to alternative channels to maximize recovery while retaining complete control over the buyers who can participate and the pricing which is applied. Our specialist expertise saves you valuable time, providing more effective remarketing solutions than your existing systems can deliver. Founded by executives from the wireless, consumer electronics multi-national arena, FreeFlow was designed to provide a scalable solution with the controls and transparency expected by our clients.

The key elements to FreeFlow:

  • Knowledge – Specialist wireless, consumer electronics marketplace knowledge
  • Technology – Hosted, managed, secure online marketplaces allowing for fixed priced or auction based selling
  • Services – Strategic business support covering:
    • Market Insight & Sales Strategy
    • Channel Control, Trade & Compliance
    • Financial Settlement
    • Dispute Management
  • Logistics Coordination
  • Product Differentiation/De-branding advice

Put these together, and your inventory management is in good hands with FreeFlow as your partner.

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