Secure, manageable access to the brands you want

FreeFlow’s online marketplaces provide buyers with easy access to stock from some of the biggest consumer electronics brands in the world.

We work with our customers to bring their excess inventory to market quickly and cost-effectively, so that as a buyer you have the earliest possible visibility of what’s available and so can make fast decisions about whether it fits your needs and budget.

If it does, then our marketplaces take care of everything else:

  • Buy at a fixed price or bid on our clients auctions - once or multiple times
  • Set a ‘proxy bid’ which allows the system automatically to raise your bids to the maximum you determine if your initial bid is beaten
  • Receive email notification of all auction activity until the sale closes

The benefits of becoming a FreeFlow buyer are clear:

  • Access to multiple brands across our marketplaces
  • Access to stock not available anywhere else
  • Active communication from us regarding new offers which match your preferences
  • Complete control of your spend
  • Fast, efficient post-sale support from FreeFlow

Becoming a FreeFlow buyer is simple – just visit our auction hub site, where you can also view our current live auctions, and hit the ‘Sign Up’ link at the top of the page. Following approval you may proceed to participate in our live auctions immediately.

If you need to know more about the process or our private marketplace systems, there’s also a Help Centre on which answers the most frequently asked questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our buyer community.



    Netgear Microsoft
    Western Digital Blackberry
    Logitech Jabra
  • Buyers

    • Access inventory from the world’s leading electronics brands
    • Filter sales by brand, region, category or budget
    • Bid securely through our online marketplaces

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