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FreeFlow is proud to do business with many of the world’s leading brands. Their trust in our smarter yet easy-to-use specialist services, advanced private marketplace technology and deep industry expertise has helped them recover greater gains.

With so many market-leading names from sectors and territories spanning the world, FreeFlow’s intelligent, responsive, straightforward solutions will turn your challenges into opportunities.


"With FreeFlow's capabilities, we have been able to actively promote any excess through our existing channels and only when we have exhausted internal demand, we auction the excess to a closed community of external buyers, all facilitated by FreeFlow. This has standardized the process and allowed us to monitor and track our progress at all stages of the product lifecycle."

David Warrick


“Automating the remarketing process has given us scalability and the access to reach across the globe without being burdened by additional administration. The technology and services coupled with the experience that FreeFlow delivers was exactly what we needed.”

JP Beaupre – Pricing Manager


"FreeFlow has helped us streamline our close-out process while still retaining key control over pricing and channel protection. With FreeFlow's capabilities we can seek external demand and a separate channel for our inventory when we have exhausted our internal processes."

Paul Moran - European Operations Manager


"FreeFlow acts as a great funnel for capturing demand while allowing us to retain key controls – like pricing. Their system allows us to remarket inventory to a wider range of companies who are not our direct customers."

Mike Madrigal - Director, Worldwide Distribution & Logistics


"FreeFlow helped my customers to move their E&O stock and turned into revenue really quickly, with full visibility; they have really good and experienced team. I can recommend FreeFlow to anybody who is looking to turn around E&O inventory."

Zdenek Havelka - Program Manager at Reconext


“FreeFlow was good to enable sales using tactical private auctions, thereby providing value and focus on keeping our products competitive in the market (instead of typical consignments). For me having a partner that acted as the sole customer of record when moving inventory was very important, beside the standard services.”

Mauricio Salinas – Asset Remarketing


"FreeFlow acts as a great funnel for capturing demand and manages the close-out process end-to end without WACOM having to be involved directly."

Tobias Luening - European Supply chain Manager


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