Measurable Results With Every Area Of Your Business

We aim to deliver increased profitability to our customers’ overall businesses. But we know that the manner in which we achieve this depends on the way your business works.

Whatever part of your organization is responsible for surplus stock; we have the solution to fit. We work with:

  • Sales to build private marketplaces designed to promote inventory through the channel; maintaining your highest margin.
  • Supply Chain to utilize private marketplaces in helping automate the close-out process, preserve channel and brand integrity, and drive competition between approved secondary buyers.
  • Finance to consolidate activity across regions into one transparent, controllable marketplace environment; giving you a complete audit trail and a single view of your secondary market activity.

Performance Metrics

FreeFlow's solution to your excess inventory challenges is smarter because it is based on real data, quantifiable results, and complete visibility.

Measuring results by way of integrated performance metrics and sales analytics tools, you'll have total, at-a-glance control of your excess inventory sales process locally, regionally, and globally.

What you can measure you can control, and what you can control you can improve. Visit here for more information.


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