Knowing Your Inventory – And Its Markets

Whatever the nature, size, and needs of your business, FreeFlow will create the smartest possible solution based on your defined criteria. We’ll also establish safeguards to maintain the integrity of your brand and your existing channel.

To develop the go-to-market strategy that is exactly right for you, we take on board the following:

  • Where is your inventory stored?
  • Is the inventory bonded?
  • Is the inventory localized for certain markets/territories/countries?
  • Ideally, which regions/markets do you want to sell this inventory into?
  • What warranty do you want to give on the inventory, if any?
  • Do you want to sell the inventory on a DDU or ex-works basis?
  • How is the inventory currently stored in the warehouse – single pallets of the same SKU or mixed pallets of different SKUs?

In short, FreeFlow will create the right strategy to take your inventory to market every time. Having led the market as evidenced by our client list, ours is a track record you can trust.


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